Anand Mahindra Just Threw a Hilarious Caption Contest and Twitterati Hit a 'Home Run'


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Image tweeted by Anand Mahindra.

Image tweeted by Anand Mahindra.

Announcing another round of caption contest on March 15, Mahindra, 64, shared a picture of a man cycling on a road with a small caravan home attached to his tricycle.

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He added that a prize would be given to the winners of English and Hindi captions. The entries for the competition were open till 6 pm on March 16.

Mahindra’s tweet has received 9.3K likes and 890 retweets. The Mahindra chairman seems to have announced this contest in view of the time when people are practising social distancing amid coronavirus outbreak.

The post also got flooded with hilarious comments. In an attempt to show off their creative side, Twitterati gave funny captions, some including famous movie dialogues.

Here are some of the comments users made on Mahindra’s post: