Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic Social Media Manages to Keep Its Meme Game Strong


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Coronavirus, which has caused enough loss of lives and money across the world, has now created an environment of fear. The deadly virus, which originated from China’s Wuhan, has now reached over 100 countries.

In India, Coronavirus has infected over 110 people. The government, in the face of growing cases of the deadly virus, has declared COVID-19 a 'notified disaster'.

In an attempt to contain the spread of the deadly virus, various states have ordered closure of schools, colleges, and cinema halls. Many sporting and official events have also been cancelled.

At a time when coronavirus has created such a panic, netizens are making memes and jokes to lighten up the situation. Social media, even at the times of fear, is flooded with creative and funny posts.

People are putting out their views about not travelling to their workplace in creative, witty ways.

Currently, the virus has infected more than 1,70,187 individuals and claimed over 6,525 lives.

Social distancing and avoiding public transit is being recommended by health advisors and encouraged by several celebrities as well. To prevent the spread of the deadly disease, many firms are following the work from home approach.

It is to be seen in the coming days how things will pan out and what measures governments across the world would resort to in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.